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 € 8 000 pre-book

1 group of 6 people with 2 guides – 5 days’ skiing with 11 hours’ flying time. Discover the Caucasus, in the heart of Eurasia, via a trip in which committing skiing in highly varied terrain is combined with nights spent in an historic dacha…

A heli-skiing paradise with precipitous slopes and abundant, light powder.

There is no need to travel halfway around the world to Alaska when you can come to this still secret place at the southern tip of Russia. Explore it with us and we will guide you through some magnificent skiing over alpine terrain, under the watchful eye of the Caucasus’ giant peaks.
But this trip offers more than great skiing; it also provides a taste of history, as evenings are spent at the Dacha Gorbachev, the second home of the USSR’s last president Mikhail Gorbachev.


snow cover is outstanding for this latitude, due to the proximity of the Black and Caspian Seas.


our Ecureuil B3 helicopters are perfect for flying in the mountains and allow us to get to the steepest and most secretive slopes.


the Dacha GORBACHEV is steeped in history and extremely comfortable. What is more, our helicopter will pick us up and drop us off right in the dacha’s garden!