The movie which will make you wanna join

When considering a heliski trip, one of the first things we think about is :
“Will I get powder ? …”

So between the Canadian Rockies powder, Alaska deep powder, champagne powder in Japan, summer powder in Chile or other great spots such as Iceland, Turkey, Sweden why would you choose Kamchatka?

For its magnificence, for experiencing a limitless territory, for the unique adventure that you will live in this world’s end and of course for the powder covering in white the active volcanoes …

Stefan Laude from Fresh Influence, ski and outdoor lover laid eyes on the peninsula and here is the incredible result, a movie with a revealing title : The Kamchatka Experience.

15 minutes for a taste of this extraordinary trip, everything is there: the long runs along the volcanoes, the sound of the blades of the mythical MI-8, the bears, the passion of the guides and the eyes full of stars of customers.

See you soon !

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