€ 8500pre-book

1 group of 12 people per MI-8 helicopter,
6 days’ skiing with 10 hours’ flying time (approx. 30,000 metres). You will fly and ski from north to south, looking for new descents and exploring the soul of Russia. Accommodation options are kept flexible, as they will be adapted to the programme from day to day.

Looking for adventure? Then, this ski safari is for you!

Kamchatka is incredibly vast. Our team has spent more than 15 years exploring the area’s slopes, but we still find new spots every year. Join them and you will roam the skies and slopes of this extraordinary land, now a UNESCO World Heritage site. From south to north, from the Kuril Islands to the 4750-m-high Klyuchevskaya Sopka, you will have the immense privilege of skiing in an unspoilt wilderness and of meeting local people. A combination of perfect ski descents and the chance to get to know an endearing culture.


The backdrop is the same, a wild and unspoilt environment, but each day is different thanks to our itinerant programme.


The itinerary covers a large part of the peninsula, giving you the opportunity to ski many different types of terrain (glaciers, coombes, forests).


As well as great skiing, you will also get a glimpse into Slavic culture.