54 000 € for 3 peoplepre-book

1 group of 3 people  – 6 days’ skiing with 10 hours’ flying time.

The terrain is the same – steep, volcanic slopes plunging down to the sea – but this time you will be flying in a celebrated Eurocopter AS350 Écureuil B3.

Flying on this star among mountain helicopters, you will be able to relish the ultimate Kamchatka skiing experience.

The Écureuil B3 is fast, comfortable and particularly suited to mountain operations. It has a high climb rate and can land on the smallest of platforms. In addition, with only a few passengers on board, disembarking takes next to no time, which means we can get the most from every day’s skiing – more descents and more vertical! With this package, the B3 is yours and yours only for six full days. Kamchatka is waiting…


Exclusive use of an Écureuil B3 mountain helicopter, stationed right in front of your private chalet.


Having a pilot and two guides for a small group of skiers opens up a vast array of possibilities.


The magic of Kamchatka, unique and untamed, will take your breath away on every descent.