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Heliski Russia has designed two different approaches to exploring this legendary region, home to Europe’s highest mountains.
Although both packages focus on the western end of the Elbrus Mountains, they do so in very different ways. One is a journey back through time, in which you will stay at the Dacha Gorbachev; the other is an adventurous ski safari.


The Caucasus, an untraveled destination

This area rivals the Canadian Rockies but it is just a few hours flying time from Europe’s main airports.

The Caucasus Mountains are very wild and exceptionally beautiful, with glaciers, magnificent ridges and a unique topography. All these characteristics provide supremely varied terrain that will delight every keen heli-skier.

What is more, the nearby Black and Caspian Seas give the area a relatively humid climate that ensures excellent snow cover despite the area’s low latitude.

Whether you are looking for long, sustained descents or vast glacial slopes, you will not be disappointed.

Add to that the area’s very different culture and surroundings and your trip to the Caucasus is sure to be an extremely rich and rewarding experience.

Useful information for your trip


Suitable skis (fat or freeride skis) that have been properly prepared (edges sharpened, freshly waxed, bindings correctly adjusted, etc.) will ensure you get the best from your trip. In addition to this obvious advice, we have drawn up a list of things you will need to pack.


Depending on where we are, it won’t always be easy to find a pharmacy. Here are a few things you might like to pack in order to avoid minor irritations. We can help you out if you forget something, but it is better if you yourself have what you need.


According to the Köppen-Geiger classification, the Arkhyz region has a humid continental climate (type Dfb), whose defining characteristic is the conflict between polar and tropical air masses. As a result, the area receives abundant precipitation and has relatively mild temperatures. The contrast between the quantities of snow that fall and the mildness of the climate is a great surprise for skiers. Between January and March, temperatures vary between -5°C and +5°C.

Paris – Moscow: +2 hours (10 am in Paris is 12 noon in Moscow)
Moscow – Mineralnye Vody: no time difference


How to obtain a visa for Russia.
Foreigners wishing to visit Russsia must first obtain a visa. In order to obtain a tourist visa for Russia, you must fulfil a number of administrative requirements. Visa applicants must: Hold a valid passport that will be valid for at least six months after the end of their stay. The passport must have two adjacent empty pages to which the Russian visa will be affixed. If your passport does not meet these criteria, you will have to apply for a new passport (in this case, don’t forget to allow for the time needed to receive your new passport).


Other activities are available if the weather is not good enough for the helicopters to fly; however, some of these activities will involve extra cost.


The following information is provided as a guide only.
Flight details are taken from the current schedule of daily flights with Aeroflot ( and Air France.

It is up to you to choose the airline with which you would like to fly and the flights you would like to take.
We would like to remind you that you must send us your flight details (for insurance purposes).